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Peace With God

“Peace With God” is a series of books by author Aamir Isaac Sindhu offering a perspective that takes into account ways in which a peaceful life can be created.  The series features topics such as Eternal Life, Who Are We?, Sabbath and Sabbath’s Rest,etc.

This series of books was written in 2003, and since that time, God has been providing greater vision and opportunities to preach His Gospel in the form of this book, “Peace With God” (Who Are We?) you have in your hand.


“Who Are We?” is an inspirational book, which explores our relation with Jesus Christ our Lord Who gives us a manner to live a faithful life, adorns the route to heaven , and is based on the knowledge the author has gained leading the people to Christ during his life as a Christian.

Giving priority to God, I consecrate this book to my personal savior, Jesus Christ.


As you, the reader, gain exposure to these writings and while you, too, acquire nearness to God, may we become able to say, together, that we have “Peace With God.”

By Author Mr. Aamir Isaac Sindhu.