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November 14, 2010, 12:17 pm
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Explore the Quantum Breakthroughs of Zero Point Global


The zero-point field is one of the most exciting scientific developments occuring around the world. The concept of zero-point was originally proposed by Albert Einstein in 1913. ZeroPoint products employ proprietary technology grounded in the research of Einstein and Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), physicist, engineer and arguably America’s greatest electrical engineer. Tesla was featured on the cover of Time magazine in 1931.

The zero-point field is the lowest energy state of a field, or its ground state, which is non zero. Put simply, it’s the lowest-level possible in terms of energetic sub-atomic structure. It’s here, in this field that the current physics masters are exploring. It is truly the last frontier!

ZeroPoint Global has developed the ZeroPoint System, a line of life-enhancing products that leverages the latest breakthroughs to develop practical solutions to our most urgent health and wellness challenges.

Cutting Edge Technology Millions Need Now

ZeroPoint Global enjoys an exclusive partnership with the manufacturer of ZeroPoint technology, allowing our Associates to offer their prospects and customers the latest, most advance protection available anywhere at any price.

Capitalizing on the Health and Wellness Revolution

The Wellness industry is expected to be a $1 trillion dollar industry by 2010. Every day thousands of baby boomers are reaching retirement. They are looking for ever-more effective ways to live longer, healthier, more vibrant lives. ZeroPoint Global is at the leading edge of this trend.

Impeccable First-to-Market Timing

ZeroPoint Global is a concept whose time has come. Yet, it’s so new, the timing could not be better for those looking to create a new source of residual monthly income. No company comes close to delivering the essential ingredients in a business opportunity built to last generations.



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