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November 15, 2010, 11:06 pm
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Why you should join PayBox today...

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  • PayBox will add up to $20 per day to your account for participating as we prepare to launch our new service.
  • You get $10 per person you refer to PayBox.
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ABC4All is already up, ready working.
         check here, see for yourselves;-
ABC4All Portal4Relief:

ABC4All eCommerce is gaining momentum as we work towards SelfFUNding4All

Here is an important step shared by ABC4All:

                  is already on the move. Action is what
                           everyone in the world needs now.
                                    Love, and then peace to the world,
to making

A Better Community For All (ABC4All)

There are two things "
PAYBOX.ME is applying to capture:

1. The business aspect, a market space for sellers and buyers, and then, again,  how secure your money is, dealing with can lessen tension and stress.

2. The humanitarian side, which goes with saving lives.

Altogether, I see two categories here: The strong and the weak.
               The strong will have to help the weak to help themselves.
                         So, if you are there, already healthy, then let's give to others as a sign of thanksgiving with praises to God who is the creator of heaven and earth.
I woke up today feeling blue, because, even though my heart is willing, but then, what can i do without the tools to enable delivery?
              I will please ask you to look deep into the picture, and imagine the pain and suffering she's nurturing within her without
                           medication she needs.
                                 Let's think about that and do something before it is too late: 
                                         This could be you, it could be me, it could be any one of
                                                   832 ABC4All Mentors in 109 countries to date:

Mrs Cecilia Akumbana Tsehe, The Woman with CANCER. In need of HELPING HANDS

The idea of saving a life will go a long way to empower the hearts of many for doing good, and before you know it we will be collectively winning together as we participate in the business line of ABC4All eCommerce.

Simply click on the link, and you are there inside ready to grab for good.

Don't wait from there, think ahead of time but not too much of time taken to avoid stress, for it will never stop coming.
And after that please, lets start giving to those dying over there:

Here is a link we feel you must love, take the idea as a great opportunity to be used. Every idea is worth converting into money but not all that are profitable.

I know you carrying a big vision and there you are crying, where is the way out?.  An answer to crying and questioning lies here as a solution.  Just don't worry, your question is answered.

Now, do you want to make money?=If yes, like i the bride and groom would say, then, what are you still doing there, or what are you waiting for?. Yea...h, i know you want to help, everybody instinctively does.

Any way, come with me into the world of money making machines,
those who are with the meaning, money making..

Simply Click

ABC4All Mentor Rommy Wuhe
From Rommy's Corner says:
"Love, and then peace to the world
to making A Better Community For All."
The Love Foundation, home of
Global Love Day agrees:
"Love Begins With Me"


ABC4All Mentor,
Rommy Wuhe.



Danet, B. (2010). A CALL FOR LIFE SAVING PROJECT via ABC4All eCommerce. Retrieved from


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